Sunday morning peace…

8:00 am… 1 husband + 3 kids +dressed + teeth brushed + out the door for mass followed by CCD = OVER TWO HOURS OF PEACE AND QUIET FOR MOM!  A slightly guilty pleasure that allows me to run(walk as it has been lately )with the dog, sip some coffee and breathe… I do thank God in the process… however my Catholic upbringing does send pangs of guilt.

Intro to EveryMOM

My very first blog.  I’m bored tonight and too tired to finish the laundry or do the dishes  or even play with my kids.  I went to a conference the other day and learned how to blog.  Throughout the conference I kept thinking – who has time to read a blog? – who has time to write a blog?   Tonight while mindlessly surfing the internet I decided to try writing about, what I would really like to read about – motherhood…  I was on the phone today with my girlfriend and we laughed and laughed about the terrible things we do as mothers and  I found it refreshing, encouraging and sometimes hysterical to hear all the things we are NOT as Moms.  There should be a blog for the less then perfect MOMs out there who love their kids but are caught on life’s treadmill and do many things they hate to admit.  So I thought I would start… just one mom admitting to EveryMOM that you are not alone.  There are plenty of us with unclean sheets, refrigerated food we cannot identify and who pull yesterdays socks out of the wash for their kids to wear to school.  We have washed our kids faces at the bus stop with spit, scowled at a 3 year old that made our child cry and yelled when we were supposed to be understanding.  “Leave me alone” and “Because I said so” are not phrases that will win you Mother of the Year Nominations but are said in households across America by very good MOMs!  So visit with me, representative EveryMOM to laugh, and share and rejoice in our imperfect attempts at life’s most difficult job.